A Tramway for Oxford Street
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8. Conclusions

The overall conclusion is that a tramway for Oxford Street is desirable but currently not feasible. It has been outlined in the report that the situation on Oxford Street is unsatisfying and that pedestrianisation and a tramway is one solution for environmental improvement. The main reason that prevents the implementation of the scheme are the traffic problems, in particular the problem of diverting the bus services as described in the report.

Hence the subject has to be studied in a wider context that includes total traffic management for the whole area in order to reduce and relocate the traffic. Generally traffic levels must be reduced when we are willing to give priority to public transport and pedestrians.

An intermediate solution could be the use of modern low emission buses and taxis, i.e. a ban for polluting vehicles. This would be a solution for the noise and pollution problems on Oxford Street but would not resolve the overcrowding problem, which can only be done be reallocating the road space.

Chapter 7 Contents Chapter 9

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